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Internal documents reveal extent of Paxil drug study chicanery

Share When I was a reporter for The Boston Globe in the 90s, an employee of Brown University’s department of psychiatry handed me a raft of internal university documents. A number of these documents pertained to an ongoing clinical trial … Continue reading

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Student newspaper gives Brown a black eye

Share In June when the news broke that U.S. Senator Charles Grassley was probing the financial ties between Martin Keller, the chief of psychiatry at Brown University, and the drug industry, Brown officials tried to stonewall the entire issue. They … Continue reading

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What the New York Times article on bipolar children didn’t say…

Share I have to say I’m disappointed with the cover story on bipolar children in Sunday’s New York Times magazine. The author, Jennifer Egan, raises the interesting question about why there has been such a sharp increase in the diagnosis … Continue reading

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Can America’s premier psychiatric assocation heal itself?

Share Judging by its response to the Senate Finance Committee, the leadership of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) still doesn’t seem to get it. For the past several months, the Finance Committee has been investigating conflicts of interest between academic … Continue reading

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Antidepressants and Suicide Rates: Another Salvo in the Debate

Share Remember all those dire warnings from the psychiatric community that youth suicides would rise after the FDA put black box warnings on antidepressants in late 2004? The argument was that physicians would be scared away from prescribing these drugs … Continue reading

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