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Emory lets Nemeroff off the hook

Share Three days before Christmas, Emory University gave its long-time chief of psychiatry a nice holiday gift: in return for his stepping down as psychiatry head, university officials are allowing Charles Nemeroff to stay at the university as a full … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting: an old and venerable practice

Share I’m delighted to see that The New York Times has discovered the problem of ghostwriting — wherein drug companies pay shills to write medical journal articles and then go hunting for respected doctors to put their names on already … Continue reading

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Massachusetts officials allow huge loophole in new drug payment disclosure regulations

Share Kudos to The Boston Globe for revealing a big loophole in Massachusetts’ new disclosure rules for health professionals: doctors who receive lucrative consulting and research funding from drug companies do not need to disclose these payments under the proposed … Continue reading

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New study confirms: bias in the publication of drug trials is widespread

Share In its landmark lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline, the New York State Attorney General accused the pharmaceutical giant of consumer fraud for not publishing negative findings about its antidepressant, Paxil, in essence, for not giving doctors and consumers the full story … Continue reading

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