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Negative findings about ADHD drugs downplayed by researchers on drug companies’ payroll

Share Thanks to unsealed documents from legal proceedings, we now know that many drug makers routinely hid negative findings about antidepressants and anti-psychotics (ranging from Paxil to Seroquel) from doctors and consumers. Now comes evidence that the researchers who conducted … Continue reading

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Is psychiatry more corrupt than other medical specialties?

Share At a talk I gave Wednesday at George Washington University, someone in the audience asked why there seemed to be an inordinate number of psychiatrists on the take to the drug industry. Was it something about the specialty of … Continue reading

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Massachusetts fraud case exposes deep flaws in our system of medical research and publication

Share The news that a Massachusetts anesthesiologist fabricated data in at least 21 studies (and probably more) is disturbing on several counts. First, it raises serious questions about the credibility of the peer review process at all the supposedly respectable … Continue reading

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Sales Tactics in the Drug Industry: Plus Ca Change

Share Not a week goes by without news of the growing concern — among consumer advocates, medical students and Congressional watchdogs — about the financial conflicts of interest that bind doctors to the pharmaceutical industry and may bias their judgment … Continue reading

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