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Why our health care costs are so high and what we can do about it

Share In order to truly stabilize the economy and rescue Medicare from financial collapse, the Obama administration knows it has to do something about the elephant in the room: ever-rising health care costs. In this week’s New Yorker, surgeon-writer Atul … Continue reading

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Denis Maltez is the reason we need to know who is shilling for Big Pharma

Share On his Pharma Marketing blog today, John Mack recaps the controversy over the patient who was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Bristol Myers Squibb to promote Abilify and then changed his tune. (Andy Behrman, aka “Electroboy,” began … Continue reading

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Senior citizens wising up to Big Pharma

Share I had the pleasure of speaking to a large group of senior citizens yesterday at a Jewish community center in the Boston area. I had been invited there to talk about Side Effects, and while the focus of my … Continue reading

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The media storm over swine flu: one more reason why good health journalism matters

Share As The Boston Globe‘s unions vote on whether to bow to the inevitable and make the financial concessions demanded to keep their newspaper alive, it seems a sad but apropos time to bring attention to a new survey on … Continue reading

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