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Money talks: Key senators swayed by health industry contributions

Share With the Congressional debate over health care reaching a crescendo, I find myself particularly baffled by the behavior of two influential Senators. Why, I wonder, would Sen. Max Baucus, a Democrat from Montana, and Sen. Charles Grassley, a Republican … Continue reading

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Most Americans support government-run health plan

Share We’re taking advantage of the end of school to do some traveling to Philadelphia and Washington to scout out colleges for our son. And speaking of the nation’s capital, it was good to see that a robust majority of … Continue reading

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Freedom Center: The "mad pride" approach to mental illness needs your support

Share Caty Simon was 15 when she tried to kill herself by swallowing some pills. A smart, precocious student at an Orthodox Jewish day school in the Boston area, Simon says the pressures on her — to succeed academically and … Continue reading

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More doctors disagreeing with AMA over universal health care

Share As Congress steps up its efforts to craft a comprehensive health care reform bill, Senator Edward Kennedy (in absentia) is leading the charge for a public health insurance option that can compete with private insurers. As far as I … Continue reading

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The fish rots from the head: conflicts of interest at Partners and Harvard Medical School

Share Much has been written about prominent doctors who fail to disclose their lucrative financial ties with pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Yet there has been less focus on hospitals and other leading institutions who have similar conflicts of interest … Continue reading

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