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Congress puts off action on health care reform…

Share Since Congress isn’t going to pass a health care reform bill any time soon, this looks like a good time to take some vacation. I will resume blogging the week of August 3.

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Is scientific fraud more common than we’d like to think?

Share In response to my blog on Frances Collins last week, a reader pointed out that the kind of data image manipulation that Collins belatedly discovered in his own lab is more common than many scientists would like to admit: … Continue reading

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Has Francis Collins, Obama’s pick as NIH director, learned his lesson?

Share When the news broke last week that President Obama had selected Francis Collins to be the new director of the National Institutes of Health, I didn’t immediately think of this noted geneticist in connection with a case study in … Continue reading

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Conflicts galore: Statin study authors on the take from statin makers

Share Just yesterday, Senators Charles Grassley and Herbert Kohl announced that language requiring the public disclosure of payments to doctors from drug and medical device companies has been included in the draft bills for health care reform now being debated … Continue reading

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