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Birds of a feather at Brown University party for Martin Keller

Share A festschrift is defined by Wikipedia as “a book honoring a respected person, especially an academic, and presented during his or her lifetime,” usually on the occasion of the honoree’s retirement. offers much the same definition for this … Continue reading

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Why medical researchers often fail to disclose conflicts of interest

Share In response to the recent storm of publicity over the failure of many medical researchers to disclose the lucrative personal payments they get from the drug and medical device companies that also fund their research, many medical journals have … Continue reading

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Obama’s OSHA pick under fire from right wing

Share Over the years, David Michaels, the George Washington epidemiologist who is President Obama’s pick to head OSHA, has developed a reputation as a fair-minded proponent of using the best available science to protect workers and the environment. As Effect … Continue reading

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Why doctors are still "crazy" about antidepressants

Share I just received a wrenching email from a woman in North Carolina who was prescribed a SSRI antidepressant because she was having trouble eating due to a “horrible metallic taste” in her mouth. After her blood work came back … Continue reading

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Side Effects wins NASW Science in Society Award

Share Forgive me for tooting my own horn but this is such a great honor I had to post the news: Side Effects has been named a winner of the 2009 NASW Science in Society Awards. Here’s an excerpt from … Continue reading

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Pfizer’s $2.3 billion fine is only the tip of the iceberg

Share When I was writing Side Effects, I learned that the New York State Attorney General’s office had sued Pfizer for the illegal off-label marketing of Bextra, its Cox-2 painkiller. (If you’ll recall, Bextra, like Vioxx, was withdrawn from the … Continue reading

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