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Clinical trial research driven by marketing, not evidence

Share Those of you in the mood for a serious read might want to check out an article in the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry about the way in which many drug companies use their marketing muscle to mislead physicians and … Continue reading

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Doctor on Glaxo payroll tells Harvard Sayonara

Share Remember Dr. Lawrence DuBuske, the Harvard Medical School allergist whom I outed as the highest paid doctor on GlaxoSmithKline’s payroll for the second quarter of last year? Rather than give up his lucrative speaking and consulting gigs for Glaxo … Continue reading

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Why the FDA is more probusiness than ever

Share It’s nice to see that Massachusetts anesthesiologist Scott Reuben has plead guilty to faking medical research and agreed to pay restitution fees for his fraud. But there is one aspect of his plea agreement with federal prosecutors (which he … Continue reading

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New study finds that extended price protections on drugs do not spur innovation

Share As Congressional committees work to meld the House and Senate versions of the health bill and Republicans launch a last-minute effort to scuttle the entire enterprise, one unsavory element of the legislation seems to have escaped much public attention. … Continue reading

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