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A few questions for Judith Warner and her editors

Share The glowing review of Judith Warner’s new book, We’ve Got Issues, in The New York Times this week didn’t exactly catch me by surprise — anyone who has read Warner’s guest columns in recent years knows her take on … Continue reading

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Does aspirin really reduce the risk of breast cancer? We don’t know yet…

Share In my health and science journalism class at Mount Holyoke yesterday, we were talking about all the questions journalists need to ask in deciding whether and how to report on a new medical finding. Two of the key questions … Continue reading

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Suing doctors who use drugs as chemical straitjackets for children

Share It’s true that the drug industry was hard hit last year with some pretty hefty fines for the illegal off-label promotion of drugs — $1.4 billion against Eli Lilly for its off-label promotion of Zyprexa and $2.3 billion against … Continue reading

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