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Shining the light on drug company shell games

Share First the good news: The Physician Payment Sunshine Act is now law, signed by President Obama as part of the health care bill overhaul. Starting in 2012, drug and medical device companies must report all consulting, speaking and other … Continue reading

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Why tort reform isn’t on the table: hard lessons about special interest money in Washington

Share Every semester, I do an in-class competition to show my students the power of the Web in digging up data for stories. I separate them into groups and ask them to find the answers to specific questions about current … Continue reading

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Financial conflicts and other problems with the proposed DSM-V

Share I have hesitated to weigh in on the debate raging over the proposed changes to the DSM-V (psychiatry’s diagnostic bible), in large part because others more literate in psychiatric minutiae have already done so. To wit: Dr. Allen Frances … Continue reading

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