Alternatives 2010 organizers reverse course on censorship

In the latest twist to the saga of Alternatives 2010, the National Empowerment Center, which organized the conference, has apparently reversed course and restored the original language to Will Hall’s workshop — see my earlier blog about the brouhaha over this.

According to a hot-off-the-presses statement from Dr. Daniel Fisher, the director of the NEC:

“Hall’s original workshop title, Coming off Medications: A Harm Reduction Approach. will be restored and we are delighted Will has agreed to come to Alternatives and present on this subject as originally planned.”

In his statement, Dr. Fisher, a psychiatrist, also said,

“On behalf of the National Empowerment Center, I wish to apologize to Will Hall and to the consumer/survivor community for the last-minute decision to alter the title of his workshop to remove the reference to coming off medication.”

Sanity, it seems, has prevailed.

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