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Serious flaws and conflicts skewed results of largest antidepressant study ever done

Share In 2006, researchers first published results from a $35 million NIMH-funded study of antidepressants known as STAR*D, claiming it proved the effectiveness of second-generation antidepressants used alone and in combination with each other. The NIMH chimed in with press … Continue reading

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Let’s fix the perverse financial incentives in Medicaid before hacking its budget

Share Medicaid and Medicare are in the news of late, as Congressional Republicans spar with President Obama and the Democrats on how best to rein in the ballooning costs of these entitlement programs, which make up a growing share of … Continue reading

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A tale of censorship and secrecy starring the American Psychiatric Association

Share Psychiatry is supposed to be all about disclosure, disclosing the dark secrets of one’s past to a professional in an effort to heal or, at the very least, figure out why one is in such psychic pain. But given … Continue reading

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