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UnitedHealth Group: A case example of the problem with for-profit health care

Share A few weeks before Thanksgiving, my husband, a hospice social worker, was told that his hours were being cut back from full to part-time. The explanation given to him, a six-year employee with solid performance reviews, was that the … Continue reading

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While French officials tighten regulations about conflicts of interest, US legislators are heading in the opposite direction…

Share I almost choked over my tea this morning when reading this The New York Times story, the gist of which was that French regulations governing conflicts of interest in medicine are considerably more lax than our own. If only … Continue reading

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Deceptive drug research practices explain why over-medicating of children still going on

Share A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability office confirms something that Rose Firestein, the eponymous prosecutor in the title of Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower and Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial noticed way back in the ’90s: that … Continue reading

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