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One solution to prescription drug overdoses: make Oyxcontin and similar drugs safer

Share In my previous blogs about West Virginia’s shockingly high rate of prescription drug overdoses — the Mountain State has the second highest rate of overdoses in the nation — I focused on “the culture of disability” that created this … Continue reading

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West Virginia’s prescription drug problem: a gift from the coal mining industry?

Share Ever heard of the term “culture of disability?” It was first coined by Judith Greenwood, who published a paper in the ’80s about how the coal mining industry in West Virginia, because the jobs were so difficult and dangerous, … Continue reading

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Falsely inflated statistics about sex trafficking in the U.S. make bad policy and laws

Share Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes? I thought of his famous quote when my husband passed along a link he had … Continue reading

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Why West Virginia has second highest rate of prescription drug overdoses in the nation

Share Did you know that West Virginia has the second highest rate of deaths from prescription drug overdoses in the country? I didn’t, until I moved to the Mountain State to live and work and became curious as to what … Continue reading

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Why shutting down Backpage won’t curb sex trafficking or underage prostitution

Share A coalition of folks opposed to sex trafficking paraded last week in front of the Village Voice headquarters in Cooper Square, urging the shutdown of its classified website Backpage on the grounds that its online ads foster the trafficking … Continue reading

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Fast-moving bill in Congress would weaken FDA oversight of new drugs and devices

Share Congress is moving quickly to pass a bill that would authorize higher industry fees for the FDA in exchange for speeding up the approval of some drugs and medical devices and eliminating restrictions on financial conflicts of interest among … Continue reading

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Sex offender laws are creating public health problems, not solving them, research shows

Share Reading Russell Banks’ fascinating new novel, The Lost Memory of Skin, has inspired me to blog about a public health problem that strays from my usual mandate. Banks’ book is about a 21-year-old man who was convicted of having … Continue reading

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